Add-on features take your platform and presence to new levels.


Extend your customer outreach on facebook, twitter and instagram by adding this add-on to your package of services. The more spots you've got presence the more unavoidable your are to prospective online customers. This addon includes setting up a company account, the content for the online 'shingle' you hang out on each platform, and connection to your email and main website.  Need us to set up your YouTube and Flickr accounts?  Sure, we can do that!

Range: $500 to $5000 CDN

Use our professional writing staff to pump up the vibrancy of your content and expand its ability to engage your site visitors.  We have decades of business and marketing writing experience, and since we really understand you, and your business, we'll be able to portray you and your products and services at your best.  Not only do we write your content, we curate and produce the images and video you'll use on your site, in your courses, at your conferences and for your social media presence.  If you want us to, we'll even write your Linkedin posts, your white papers and articles for trade and industry magazines and advertisements.  We're just that good.

Range: $1000 to $8000 CDN

Make your site make you money by adding sell-able products like book and white-paper downloads, swag and promotional materials, tickets for events and access to courses and membership-only areas.  Take payment around your neighborhood or around the world.  Need a central invoicing solution?  Get out of searching your email for things and put all your customer processing on your website where its organized and clear.

Range: $1000 to $6000 CDN

You are a professional business services firm, contractor, or association providing anything from marketing to management consulting to education to real estate development to safety inspection to practices and regulatory advice.  Your site describes the business to business value you add, and you need a LinkedIn company page, discussion forum, sales lead generation and advertising to reach your customers because that's where they all are.  Over time you may become a thought leader in your area of expertise, and at that point you'll need new LinkedIn features like, course offerings, live podcasts, and a 'following' setup.

Range: $1000 to $4000 CDN