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Consulting firms, non-profits, events organizers will love having their own live-stream capability. No more expensive services to hire that host your stuff on their services.  Your viewers and participants attend your live stream events right on your website.  Free or paid, with the option of recording and re-broadcasting after the event to earn secondary revenue.  Your presenters and speakers stream from their desktop from anywhere around the world.  Your in-person live event streams directly from your on-site camera, capturing live audience members, the presenter, and the venue itself.

Range: $3000 to $8000  CDN 

Extend the experiences your customers have at your studio and live events onto your online platform.  Pipe decades of event photo albums into your site alongside the latest news, video testimonials, and countdowns to major events.  There’s no need to hide behind subscriptions, memberships and login credentials, the splendor of your events are right there for everyone to see…and get excited about signing up for.

Range: $3000 to $8000 CDN

Your consulting, psychologist, or software business connects with it’s customers through dialogue and meetings to deliver its services.  Put the past, present and future where both you and your clients can see it, managing appointments, annotating decisions made, and taggin each other with tasks.  Open and fulfill questions, inquiries and service requests on your collaboration portal and keep an archive where everyone can see exactly what did and didn’t happen.  From complex technical issues resolution to session and meeting tracking to contract fulfillment management, your site offers shared account detail, statistics and a knoweldgebase that supports your ongoing relationship…and automatically send all parties reminder emails when needed.

Range: $3000 to $10,000 CDN

Your association or community of practice puts on a show with glittering speaker profiles and does simple regular events and multi-stream complex conference schedules.  Your participants enjoy live venues, webinars and live streamed presentations that are automatically recorded for later viewing.  It’s not beyond you to assemble your conference content into podcast series from time to time.  Regardless of how your participants want to engage in our conference, they register right on your website and have a plethora of participation options to choose from.  When the event date arrives, everyone knows where they should be, what they’re doing and how to get access.

Range: $3000 to $10,000 CDN plus license fees where applicable

You teach the world offering online education, formal training and even full accreditation course curriculums. Course catalogs are sliced and dices along multiple dimensions, grouped in pages and menus but most often your students simply use a keyword search to find what they’re looking for.  Your learning management system combines live and online classes and courses.  Some have quick quizzes others have sets of exams to pass.  Your students may be the public, may be corporate members or may be special groups – each with specific profiles, accesses and pricing discounts. Student progress and records are shared in a joint student portal kept forever and certificates are digitized for the highest possible security, and the easiest access.

Range: $5000 to $15,000 CDN

Your site describes what you build for customers – be that solar power grids, architectural plans, or a team to move their stuff from city to city.  The details of your customers project are shared with the subcontractors, team members and the customer through your project management portal – which shows each person only what pertains to them.  Tasks are scheduled and assigned, tracked and pertinent documents are uploaded and attached to tasks no matter who is doing them (even the customer).  Clear instructions accessed online support your phone conversations and directions to your team.  Relevant documents are held where everyone can access them at need. There’s less chasing, and more delivering on contract terms…and more ability to take on additional work.  Fully mobile-enabled your team uses their smart phone or tablet – and so does your customer.

Range: $4000 to $10,000 CDN

Your website is a clean and simple presentation of information about you or your business.  It might have a calendar of events or an online booking service.  You’ll need listings on several business listing services, but mostly you’re interested in how your site represents your business, that it is easily shareable on social media and shows up well in a Google search.

Range: $3000 to $6000 CDN


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Extend your customer outreach on facebook, twitter and instagram by adding this add-on to your package of services. The more spots you’ve got presence the more unavoidable your are to prospective online customers. This addon includes setting up a company account, the content for the online ‘shingle’ you hang out on each platform, and connection to your email and main website.  Need us to set up your YouTube and Flickr accounts?  Sure, we can do that!

Range: $500 to $5000 CDN

Use our professional writing staff to pump up the vibrancy of your content and expand its ability to engage your site visitors.  We have decades of business and marketing writing experience, and since we really understand you, and your business, we’ll be able to portray you and your products and services at your best.  Not only do we write your content, we curate and produce the images and video you’ll use on your site, in your courses, at your conferences and for your social media presence.  If you want us to, we’ll even write your Linkedin posts, your white papers and articles for trade and industry magazines and advertisements.  We’re just that good.

Range: $1000 to $8000 CDN

Make your site make you money by adding sell-able products like book and white-paper downloads, swag and promotional materials, tickets for events and access to courses and membership-only areas.  Take payment around your neighborhood or around the world.  Need a central invoicing solution?  Get out of searching your email for things and put all your customer processing on your website where its organized and clear.

Range: $1000 to $6000 CDN

You are a professional business services firm, contractor, or association providing anything from marketing to management consulting to education to real estate development to safety inspection to practices and regulatory advice.  Your site describes the business to business value you add, and you need a LinkedIn company page, discussion forum, sales lead generation and advertising to reach your customers because that’s where they all are.  Over time you may become a thought leader in your area of expertise, and at that point you’ll need new LinkedIn features like, course offerings, live podcasts, and a ‘following’ setup.

Range: $1000 to $4000 CDN


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